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Main » 2008 » December » 2 » Client Update
Client Update
7:50:42 AM
* Changed the level ranges for automatic tournaments. Players should now be able to use brand new tourney tickets normally. The old ones can be sold back to Alchemist Shops without 20% tax.
* Worn items will now be delivered to the Stairway to Heavens locations if character gets killed by another player (religion and clan wars excluded).
* Paladin's Aura potion recipe has been added. While under the effect of this potion character will receive information about crimes that occur in the game world.
* Drow racial ability has been changed. It is now called Astral Surge and allows for casting attack spells without Chance to Cast vs Resist checks.
* Mana Shield has been added as a skill available in the Middle School of Alteration.It's duration is 3 minutes and it chance of success is around 33%. Mana cost: 17% of mana pool. It can only be used on self.
* Mana Shield potion recipe has been added.
* Layered Defense will now affect incoming damage prior to Mana Shield.
* Characters will now receive 4 base hit points for 1 point of strength. This means 4.6 hp for Human, 5.6 hp for Orc etc.
* Absorb parameter now modifies magical damage as well.
* A trivial loot system has been modified. If a character doesn't gain any levels while continuing to kill monsters for some time, the wondrous items will stop dropping for her and she will cease receiving religion bonii to gold carried by mobiles. Gaining a either a normal or religion level resets the trivial loot counter, gaining a level for pet halves it.
* Characters under Searing Pain effect take additional damage (the actual value is equal to the Knockdown). The effects of Knockdown and Searing Pain do not stack.
* The keys should no longer be burnt when using Burn All option of Crucible Furnace.
* Show stats option client option will toggle the display of your character in the Ratings sections of the homepage.
* New device - The Evaporator - has been added to platinum shops. It will allow the user to combine 2 similar Reign essences into one Quintessence of corresponding type (Evaporator has 30 uses, shown as its durability). Characters can use the quintessences to imbue their items past Reign modification. Such items will have even more bonuses adding 10% for each enchantment stage past Reign. So a Reign of Life item that adds 100 hp will add 110 hp upon being enchanted to Reign of Life +1, 120 hp for +2 and so on. The chance of success is 75%. If you fail to enchant your item it will lose all wondrous qualities. The items that has been modified with Platinum Bars do require Platinum Bars for enchantment. When the durability of enchanted item drops to 0 it will only lose 1 stage, so a +25 item will become +24 with full durability.
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