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Returners and search parties

Cost of "Search party” lowered to 1 platinum. Cost of Returners lowered to 1 platinum. Recipe for Returners have become easier to make.

Religion Carnival

At artifact alchemist, religion masks have been added for sale. Religion mask – changes religion of the character according to the mask type. (duration 3hr of online time). Mask can be used only at town "star”. The character who is under the mask effect becomes the religion of that mask, but takes part in his "real” religion ratings. Effect does not disappear upon the character death or upon the use of "dispel magic” spell. You can return your "real” religion back when the effect of the mask wears off, or using your "real” religion masks. This will occur on next server restart

Battle System

From now on, when you die from a monster, equipped gear and weapons will not be dropped at the character’s corpse, but will stay on the character.

Quest "Elixer of pure fun"

We have added 7th part of the quest "Elixer of pure fun”, in which you can change Scroll of Squirrel Happiness to the Scroll of Raccoon Happiness, using it you can receive an elixir, which gives a bonus of additional manna, instead of HP.
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