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Main » 2011 » January » 27
* Looted equipment from the world inhabitance will no longer be damaged, unless a modification on destruction was used in this battle.
* Loss of armor's and weapon's durability are brought to the same level. That means that a weapon will decay faster then a gear only in cases when Catalysts or Grindstones are applied.
* With a destruction of momentary artifacts which mod level was +1, a soulbound Magical Shard will be placed in characters inventory with corresponding modification (with condition that there is a free space in the inventory). It has the same properties as the Godly Quintessence but can only be applied on the momentary artifacts.
* A minimal amount of gold transfer was set to 20,000 gold pieces.
* Now on the Arena you cannot attack a player that didn't announced his/her readiness.
* All items have lost their base stat requirements.

Some changes that effects gear and weapon trophies:
Durability of all trophy gear and weapons was raised x2,5.
Gear and weapon trophies are completely destroyed when their durability reaches zero (same as craft and Zodiac items).
Selling to the local shops
Selling damaged gear or weapon to the shop will decries a value of the item according to it's current and maximum durability.
Additional parameters
A subtype will be given to each trophy wear item which will convert a half of their basic defense and armor values in to a certain parameter. This subtype will be marked in the item's name with words like "[item name] of the...". Same goes for items that are created from Zodiac blueprints, in this case a subtype is given randomly on the moment of item creation in the laboratory.

* A new maul was discovered that restore ... Read more »
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