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Good luck OT Teams

Views: 684 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-10-28 | Comments (0)

Online RPG Darkswords: The 4th Year Anniversary of DarkSwords EU server!
To celebrate this occasion on a 27 of October till 3 of November in addition to double experience and gold gained for killed creatures everyone on their login will receive a present that will grant you a double damage in fights against monsters and +10% of your HP & MP.

During the event all elderly pets will regain their youth.
Also in the Artifacts Alchemist Shop you will be able to buy a new exclusive familiar potion that will allow you to summon a Genie. By all characteristics Genie is similar to an ordinary familiar, but it has all the abilities of the Manul, Polar Fox and Wolf. The exclusive familiar is a limited offer so please hurry to the Shop if you want to get one!
If a player who already have a pet will summon a Genie it will replace it and keep all its stats as lvl, satiety, HP, name and avatar of a previous pet. You will receive a potion with your original pet back, but please make sure that there is a room in your inventory before summoning a Genie.
Attachments: Image 1 ·Image 2
Views: 611 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-10-26 | Comments (0)

Online RPG Darkswords: New patch is coming.

Tomorrow after a server restart a new patch will be applied on the server. Changes and fixes:
Big Game Hunters and other updates (description was given earlier ).
Familiar Damage (description was given earlier ).
Locations of "Stairways to Heaven" fixed in which the time of magical buffs that were applied on a character didn't stop its count down.
A bug was fixed that led to magical effects disappearance of a gift items.
A bug was fixed were a character would not start the fight with an attacker who has an Impregnability mode active.
540 lvl character will give a 100% of earned experience for killing a monster to his\hers familiar (it was 50% before).
Inn capacity has increased to 100 (600 for an expanded inn) cells.
The max weight of items in the inn have been raised to 200 + Your characters lvl *2 (6000 + Your characters lvl *2 for an expanded inn).
Views: 617 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-10-26 | Comments (0)

Online RPG Darkswords: Familiar Damage.

Soon there will be a change in damage system of your familiar, it will depends on the damage and quality of the weapon in your character's right hand. Without any weapon in your character's right hand your familiar will have it's usual damage.

2010-10-20 Digest
Online RPG Darkswords: Big Game Hunters and other updates (coming soon).

Particularly lucky hunters of Wanted dead quest will be rewarded with the extra effect of Divine Reward. From now on Rest and Stealth can be also used from a spell book (menu "Magic").

Views: 593 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-10-21 | Comments (0)

Returners and search parties

Cost of "Search party” lowered to 1 platinum. Cost of Returners lowered to 1 platinum. Recipe for Returners have become easier to make.

Religion Carnival

At artifact alchemist, religion masks have been added for sale. Religion mask – changes religion of the character according to the mask type. (duration 3hr of online time). Mask can be used only at town "star”. The character who is under the mask effect becomes the religion of that mask, but takes part in his "real” religion ratings. Effect does not disappear upon the character death or upon the use of "dispel magic” spell. You can return your "real” religion back when the effect of the mask wears off, or using your "real” religion masks. This will occur on next server restart

Battle System

From now on, when you die from a monster, equipped gear and weapons will not be dropped at the character’s corpse, but will stay on the character.

Quest "Elixer of pure fun"

We have added 7th part of the quest "Elixer of pure fun”, in which you can change Scroll of Squirrel Happiness to the Scroll of Raccoon Happiness, using it you can receive an elixir, which gives a bonus of additional manna, instead of HP.
Views: 849 | Added by: electricdonkey | Date: 2010-02-09 | Comments (0)

Relating to the DS servers:

Our ISP have warned us that there could be 5-30 minutes connectivity problems during Feb 10, 00:00-01:00 GMT time.
Views: 790 | Added by: electricdonkey | Date: 2010-02-08 | Comments (0)

New Religion Season starts today
Some changes in Elf Race: The formula for calculating the final damage is aligned with a similar formula for calculating the Damage of Orcs. This new formula will not affect the Backstab damage . Under the influence of elf racial ability in battle the chance to do a backstab will be increased by 5% each cycle until a backstab has occured. When the backstab works, its chance returns to basic and start's inceasing again. Elfs racial ability will no longer allow the character to ignore target's shield blocks. Ignorence of parry and suppression under elfs racial ability remains the same. The update is in test phase.
Views: 797 | Added by: electricdonkey | Date: 2010-02-02 | Comments (0)

Starting today, for the next 6 days any weddings booked for the 14 Feb ONLY will be 1/2 price. This is a great chance to marry your DS Partner's. So get out the plat and book your weddings though our great pastors who have willingly given their time to do this service for you on this day of love.
Views: 776 | Added by: electricdonkey | Date: 2010-02-02 | Comments (0)

Dark Soul Quest will as of today start at 10 PM GMT, this is to better the playable time for other countries.
Views: 831 | Added by: electricdonkey | Date: 2010-02-02 | Comments (0)

Congratulations to the newlyweds - TKH and Lodestarr
May you be happy for ever after.
God Bless Overtime!!
Views: 766 | Added by: electricdonkey | Date: 2010-01-25 | Comments (0)

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