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Another auto quest "Revenge of the Larva" have been added. Quest is for level 260+
The Quest was based on the idea of player OrcBeast.
Views: 774 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-23 | Comments (0)

- The client skin has been overhauled; 
- We have added an ability to resize the main client window vertically;
- If entering text longer than 60 characters in the main window a separate panel will appear with your input (optional);
- The smilie panel has been added to the main window;
- Made a few changes to smilies;
- You can toggle the function of Whisp key in the main window by right-clicking it;
- The Options window has been reworked and split into parts, also added options to set up hotkeys and chat colors;
- Trade window now supports stackable items. The following keystrokes are available to select amount:
SHIFT+click = 5 items;
CTRL+click = 10 items;
ALT+click = all available items.
- Added support for private shops;
- Incoming personal, clan and party messages will display in a pop-up window in tray when the client is minimized (optional);
- The log files codepage has been changed to UTF-16LE for better international support;
- Alchemy Blueprints will now be stackable;
- Added amount selection window to the personal and clan inn, and shops;
- You will now be able to mark a location with color on the world map without having to go to the location;
- Added various new labels for the players in the player list: pupil label and 5 custom ones;
- Your characters avatar will not be resized when using the Fill/Brief panel toggle;
- Your characters avatar will no longer move while scrolling the nearby friendly characters panel;
- Added a sound for the trade requests (trade.wav);
- Added buttons to control the party looting mode to the leaders party window;
- Improved the s ... Read more »
Views: 749 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-22 | Comments (0)

New automatic quest have been added, Flowers of the Moon. This quest is for level 200+. The quest is repeatable and will reward 25k gold for each flower you are able to deliver. 

The flowers only grow at night, in the flowers own kingdom. The delivery guy is hard to locate, moving around. To reach him you will have to travel long and hard, but first you need to pass the fiery rains of hell.
The Quest was based on the idea of player SpiritWolf

Views: 710 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-21 | Comments (0)

Spell astral carnival was changed, to cancel its action necessary to use new spell -Astral warewell.
Views: 1066 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-19 | Comments (0)

Today Travy join to us, welcome to clan !!!

Views: 736 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-19 | Comments (0)

Greeting our new clan member - Saintrad, congratz and welcome on board !

Views: 802 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-18 | Comments (1)

Today to our mighty clan join Angel Heart and Red Baron. Congratulations and welcome on board friends.
Views: 758 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-14 | Comments (0)

Winner of quest "Prison Break" is our famed officer TomKruzHeadless . Congratulations from all of us, ur real winner bro.
Views: 780 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-13 | Comments (0)

Rules: All the players of specified level range receive a teleport potion that leads to the special zone Stairway to Heaven location (map above) at the time specified (see table below). All who agree to participate MUST apply for citizenship at this location (by pressing Enter and using BORN HERE button in the Location window)! Green sector is safe zone, characters cannot be attacked in there. There are two kinds of mobiles in the zone: Checkpoint[0] и Evil Pacman[9999]. The objective of the quest is to kill as many Checkpoints as you can and avoid getting killed by aggressive Evil Pacman monsters (the quest will continue for 45 minutes). Evil Pacmen will not wander in the green zone. There will be 4 Evil Pacmen in the area.

Blue squares on map are the teleporters leading to the opposite direction of the map. 
When the time runs out the players will receive Quest Teleport to Arkijah and a Returner. Use Returner to retrieve any corpses of yours after you teleport back to Arkijah!

Friday 18th 30-74 18.00 (GMT) Medal+15%HP & 3 PacMans Medal+10%HP & 2 PacMans Medal+5%HP & 1 PacMan

Saturday 19th 75-139 18.00 (GMT) Medal+15%HP & 3 PacMans Medal+10%HP & 2 PacMans Medal+5%HP & 1 PacMan

Sunday 20th 140+ 18.00 (GMT) Medal+15%HP & 3 PacMans Medal+10%HP & 2 PacMans Medal+5%HP & 1 PacMan

Views: 1155 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-07-12 | Comments (0)

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