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Religion, Wars, Sieges, and mobs sieges are now enabled.
Views: 955 | Added by: -MistyWolf- | Date: 2009-05-19 | Comments (0)

On monday 18th of May after restart Test Period is going to be over. After that all players will be given last 5 free resets - guilds and race (this means: 4 tries in 24 hours after the first try). Only once for free to change religion lvls, personal artefacts bonusses and personal weapon type. Till 20th of May it will be possible to change pet type, decease and to use scrolls "How to: Change essence type".
Views: 915 | Added by: -MistyWolf- | Date: 2009-05-19 | Comments (0)

* Changed the level ranges for automatic tournaments. Players should now be able to use brand new tourney tickets normally. The old ones can be sold back to Alchemist Shops without 20% tax.
* Worn items will now be delivered to the Stairway to Heavens locations if character gets killed by another player (religion and clan wars excluded).
* Paladin's Aura potion recipe has been added. While under the effect of this potion character will receive information about crimes that occur in the game world.
* Drow racial ability has been changed. It is now called Astral Surge and allows for casting attack spells without Chance to Cast vs Resist checks.
* Mana Shield has been added as a skill available in the Middle School of Alteration.It's duration is 3 minutes and it chance of success is around 33%. Mana cost: 17% of mana pool. It can only be used on self.
* Mana Shield potion recipe has been added.
* Layered Defense will now affect incoming damage prior to Mana Shield.
* Characters will now receive 4 base hit points for 1 point of strength. This means 4.6 hp for Human, 5.6 hp for Orc etc.
* Absorb parameter now modifies magical damage as well.
* A trivial loot system has been modified. If a character doesn't gain any levels while continuing to kill monsters for some time, the wondrous items will stop dropping for her and she will cease receiving religion bonii to gold carried by mobiles. Gaining a either a normal or religion level resets the trivial loot counter, gaining a level for pet halves it.
* Characters under Searing Pain effect take additional damage (the actual value is equal to the Knockdown). The effects of Knockdown and Searing Pain do not stack.
* The keys should no longer be burnt when using Burn All option of Cruc ... Read more »
Views: 1084 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-12-02 | Comments (0)

Unfortunately as there are some questions I need to get answered before I can conduct mini quests I will postpone those until further notice. But don't worry, I won't forget I promised them. 
As a little bonus for today there is a 1% chance that mice either drop Negate Elements or Iron Skin pots! Also for high levels, there is a 10% chance that Charon drops License to Kill! All enjoy!

Views: 1069 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-09-06 | Comments (0)

On tomorrow's restart the following changes will be made:
* it will not be possible to knock down someone who is using a Spear or a Staff in their main hand.
* Negate Elements layers on your opponent will be fully removed upon successfully hitting (not missing) them with Firewind, Frostbolt or Lightning bolt spell, however the damage for this spell will be lowered (i.e. divided by AmountOfLayers+1).
Fixed an issue with misplaced aggressor and target in the Negate Elements combat message.
Added clan_war_list command that will show the list of wars/land control conflicts the clan is currently engaged in.

Views: 848 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-09-06 | Comments (0)

Weve launched a Caravan mini event in the Desert area. Once an hour or two (or three, who knows) a Caravan starts crossing the desert. It doesnt go very fast, but isnt either too slow. It will not react to people attacking it and will keep moving with its pace. Upon reaching its destination it will simply disappear. If you manage to "kill" or rob it by then, you are in for some good loot.
Views: 986 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-09-06 | Comments (0)

It will not be possible to cast Protection from Fire/Cold/Lightning on someone who is already affected by such a spell unless you are in their group. So if I have Protection from Fire and you try to buff me with Protection from Cold while not being in my group you will fail. If you try, however, to re-buff me with Protection from Fire, it will work. This change is effective as of next server restart.
Views: 887 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-09-06 | Comments (0)

Macro Spells: At any spells right mouse button - at the bottom "Add macro." At the bottom of the window spells have special field. Name spells added to the list. DO NOT add spells more than you have available (for example, you have three spells available in the package means you can add no more than three spells). Spells can be repeated. Right click on a spell on the list of macros - available items "Remove macro", "Line Up" (moves forward line spells), "String down," Clear macro "(clears list spells from a macro). Button carry out macro: HOME (not able to change). 

Additional buttons spells: Added buttons for spells: Insert, Delete, End. These buttons can not be reassign at setting buttons. 

Private Exchange: In the near future there will be private currency exchangers (platinum <=> gold). Working with these exchangers will be done directly from your bank account. 

Search Party: After the death of a mob a window will appear, „Search Party”, where you will be able to have a path to your last corpse, or to use Search Party. The Search Party works as a returner but only after the death of the monster and is worth 2 pt. All players will be given 10 free Search Party points. To shut off the window can be done in configuration of client. 

Windows on top of all: The menu windows (click on the on the upper left icon of DarkSwords) Big Chat, List of Players, Magic, Effects added point "on top of all windows". The mode of switch is not saved. 

Your own corpse will be displayed first: If there are several corpses in the location, you will only see one (from the last time you died). After picking it up, the next in line will be second from the end.

List of references: The button issue with (former "Help") now opens a panel with links ... Read more »
Views: 941 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-08-31 | Comments (0)

DarkSwords is proud to soon be able to present brand new locations for our players to explore and hunt in. We are currently in the process of creating the biggest event in the history of EU server!
The challenge: EU server vs RU2 server. More information about the challenge will come later.

Also, there will be a “Clan Survival Quest”. More info will come later.
Stay tuned!
Views: 966 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-08-18 | Comments (0)

A use of the roll command will consume 100+CharacterLevel gold. This is effective on next server reboot.
Views: 949 | Added by: OverTime | Date: 2008-08-12 | Comments (0)

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