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Dear reader,

Clan Overtime has seen a dark period in Clan History. For now a little group of people decided that OT will not be very active for now. We will see what the future will bring. If u have questions you can contact us at 

God Bless OverTime
Views: 1982 | Added by: Jambo | Date: 2011-06-13 | Comments (0)

* Looted equipment from the world inhabitance will no longer be damaged, unless a modification on destruction was used in this battle.
* Loss of armor's and weapon's durability are brought to the same level. That means that a weapon will decay faster then a gear only in cases when Catalysts or Grindstones are applied.
* With a destruction of momentary artifacts which mod level was +1, a soulbound Magical Shard will be placed in characters inventory with corresponding modification (with condition that there is a free space in the inventory). It has the same properties as the Godly Quintessence but can only be applied on the momentary artifacts.
* A minimal amount of gold transfer was set to 20,000 gold pieces.
* Now on the Arena you cannot attack a player that didn't announced his/her readiness.
* All items have lost their base stat requirements.

Some changes that effects gear and weapon trophies:
Durability of all trophy gear and weapons was raised x2,5.
Gear and weapon trophies are completely destroyed when their durability reaches zero (same as craft and Zodiac items).
Selling to the local shops
Selling damaged gear or weapon to the shop will decries a value of the item according to it's current and maximum durability.
Additional parameters
A subtype will be given to each trophy wear item which will convert a half of their basic defense and armor values in to a certain parameter. This subtype will be marked in the item's name with words like "[item name] of the...". Same goes for items that are created from Zodiac blueprints, in this case a subtype is given randomly on the moment of item creation in the laboratory.

* A new maul was discovered that restore ... Read more »
Views: 1680 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2011-01-27 | Comments (0)

Added four new daily quests for religious players with the religion level ranges 15-29, 30-44, 45-59, 60+ (location - Temple of the Snake). Goal of this quest is to gain a certain amount of religious experience, as a reward - Mark of Piety - a soulbound elixir (the effect is same as Platinum Heart) which in addition could be exchanged for all sorts of goodies, that is a nice addition to the character who chose a religious path.
In order to take on a quest you would have to donate some gold for the Temple restoration (5% of donations will go to the owners of the region).

Clans that have successfully besieged or defended the region will receive:
-- for capturing the territory - 2 Mark of Conquest for leader of the clan who has placed the flag.
-- for defending the territory (from clans or monsters) - 1 Mark of Conquest for leader of the clan (if a clan leader is not online it will go to the clan bar)

The use of the Mark of Conquest will add 250 experience to the clan if it's experience is less then 1000.
Views: 2520 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2011-01-21 | Comments (0)

Check this post if u are intrested in joining our Alliance.
Views: 1621 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2011-01-04 | Comments (0)

Cause of New Year, u can all trade soulbond items)) So check ur alts for special pots and give it to ur main.

Views: 1506 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-12-31 | Comments (0)

There are some strange events going on in the end of this year.
People are reporting that sometimes they are coming across a strange "Ball in box" while hunting, that is magically disappearing from your hands when you are trying to use it. As you all already noticed there is a suspicious Old Man Santa in the Arkijah Town that is giving you a neatly wrapped gift with a card attached to it saying "Santa Was Here". This Old man and disappearance of the Ball in box are linked together according to some eyewitnesses. Whenever you are talking to that strange Santa he whispers something and your ball in box transforms in to Santa Was Here gift and you become enchanted with magic powers that raises your HP and MP.
Hm.. what is this mysterious gift that can't be opened? Guess we will find this out on 1st of January.
Views: 1510 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-12-29 | Comments (0)

Dear Players, we are happy to announce that from this moment in the game due to upcoming holidays the first bunch of bonuses will be activated:
Santa will need help with his usual problem the old sleigh from brave warriors and mages. You will be able to find him somewhere around Ruby Fort. The quest is repeatable with a cool-down. Santa is short on presents and will give you his photo with a magical autograph as a reward, that will make your attacks against monsters more effective and raise your HP & MP. The cost of levels in ordinary guilds reduced by 30%. Doubled the amount of religious experience that was gained for victories in fighting another player. Disabled the loss of religious experience in lost buttes. Those bonuses will last till 10 of January 2011.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Views: 1486 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-12-29 | Comments (0)

Each Zodiac Sign is now has the same properties as a Godly Quintessence, but it can be used only on items of it's own type (e.g. with an Aries Sign only items of Aries can be improved).

Now while crafting or brewing if you don't have enough ingredients a system warning message will appear.
Views: 1840 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-12-17 | Comments (0)

Dark Swords Administration wish you Health, so you may enjoy each day in comfort. We wish you the Love of friends and family and Peace within your heart. We wish you Happiness, Joy and Blessings for the New 2011 Year.
«Wonderful Gifts» can be bought at any Artefact shop all around the DS world (4 platinum each). Share this gifts with your friends and family and if you don't have any leave them for yourself! On December 31th, at server restart they will turn into one of the following sets of essences:

We rent our castle for grinders, costs 5 reign essences for 24H (real time)in castle. People can grind those essences back if they grind long enough. The essences is sold in our shop and profits will go to Clan bank and bar. Its also possible to sell reign essences to our shop as OT member.
31 dec DS will be flooded by essences so if u have people that want to come and grind let us know.
Views: 1470 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-12-14 | Comments (0)

Heya all,
Check this forum post
We gonna prepare a very warm welcome!
Views: 1472 | Added by: Hool | Date: 2010-12-01 | Comments (0)

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